Hand Carved Natural Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp with Genuine Neem Wood Base.

$44.95 $24.95

Weight:  4-7 lbs.

Size: 5-7 inches

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SKU: SBP1234

Dimmer Control Switch with 6′ UL listed cord with 15 watt bulb included.Southern Backdoor Products.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Uniquely handmade and carved from the Himalayan Mountains
  • DURABILITY – Solid neem wood base which is known for it’s durable properties
  • Natural AIR PURIFIER – Removes dust and other allergens for healthier breathing air
  • NATURAL LIGHTING – Emits a soft amber glow for soothing effect and relaxation
  • INCREASED ENERGY LEVEL – Neutralize the positive ions that wreak havoc on your body